4 Scary – Not Fair – disclaimers

Disclaimer 1

HYDRA chess isn’t fully random, but we won’t lie –

It’s gonna scare you the first time you play.  Either before your first move, or near the middle of the game.  

But, if you don’t give up, and don’t back down, near the end you’ll start believing you just may pull off a victory.

Maybe even a shocking upset.

By game two, the fear will start feeling a bit more like excitement.

And by game three, well . . . let’s just say that during game three you’ll never wanna go back to who you were before.



Disclaimer 2   


. . . unless you are bold enough to define fair as both players eventually receiving the same set of pieces – if they survive long enough.

It’s a roller coaster.

HYDRA chess is like life in that way. Those who demand fairness are doomed to perpetual disappointment.  The only way to win at life is to stay focused on your goal, and when something gets in your way outsmart it, overpower it, or outlast it (regardless of how “fair” it may be).

No need to be mean, just focused.

That’s the same attitude that wins at HYDRA chess. And, trust us, winning against the odds is sweet.




Halloween Hydra


Knightmare chess. That’s what I call it. You’ll see why.


Emerald vs Jett Black